PropertyKey Overview

Our Mission

PropertyKey was founded in 1991 with the idea of developing cutting edge methods for the real estate industry to use mapping and property information, long before modern networks and accessing such information on computers were common concepts. Our mission nearly 30 years later is much the same as it was then: to develop high quality property information tools and maintain the most current and accurate property databases for those who really need it.

Our History

When PropertyKey was founded, it was known as REMAP Corporation. It was a different time, when cutting edge technology meant optimizing and sending our data and maps on floppy discs and eventually over modem. We were the leaders at those ideas then, as well as taking our own photos of every house, and eventually moving all of that information onto the Internet. We've been through many changes in the industry along the way, including changing our name to PropertyKey, but we have always remained committed to putting our customers first.

Along the way, PropertyKey has developed a reputation of excellence and a commitment to quality. In a market where we constantly see our competitors cutting corners on data quality, we are there to push the limits on quality...double and triple checking data and getting it online faster than the other guys. In a market where some vendors give away tax services as an after thought to sell other products, we know that property data is too important to too many people to be an afterthought. Those who rely on the information know that it has to be right and it takes a committed team like PropertyKey to make that happen.

Our Future

The Real Estate market and the technology landscape are always evolving. We have learned over nearly 30 years that those who try to innovate without a commitment to quality never survive. There will always a place for the product that provides the most accessible, accurate and current data. We are committed to continue being the company best able to provide that for years to come.