The Premier Property Information Tool for MLS Boards and Real Estate Associations

The iMapp System

PropertyKey has 25+ years in the industry, developing and servicing the needs of Real Estate Agents, Regional Associations and MLS boards. The iMapp Information Service is the culmination of those many years of dedication and hard work.  We work hard for 130,000 Real Estate Agents and Real Estate industry professionals, and many MLS boards, nationwide, who have chosen to use the iMapp Information Service.  We've earned that unparalleled user base with our passion, our commitment to quality, and our focus on the needs of those clients.

Simply put, iMapp is the premier tax service for any MLS system. We consistently and regularly beat out other Tax products from other providers. Often those products are offered for little or no cost by those providers, and iMapp still regularly wins comparison shootouts. Why? Those options are no bargain if it's not the product that you need. Other services provide what is easy for them, or what they think works for you.

Our sole focus is to be the best in the business and respond to the needs of your members!

It's as simple as that!

Best Data - We have worked with & compared data methodologies of many of these providers over many years.  We see it again and again. They are satisfied with updating data when they have time, if they have time. We are dedicated to frequent and timely data updates and corrections. They use data from one national source,whatever the quality. We compare and use multiple data sources to make sure that our users get access to the best data possible. They provide one off-the-shelf product. We customize our product for your specific market needs. We are focused on going the extra mile to make sure our users get the data they need!

Powerful Tools - iMapp has a powerful and customizable search interface, with map based searching, to allow our users to research properties or prospect for clients. We include fast, simple and flexible Comparable Valuation Reports, for the most accurate and useful value estimates. Users can Download practically unlimited Prospect Lists or Create targeted Mailing Labels for customer farming. . . and so much more!

Cross Platform and Mobile - Don‘t let technology limit your ability to get the job done, like our competitors do.  iMapp works flawlessly on any platform: PC, Mac phone tablet, any way you want to work!

Fast - Time is money, and any time spent waiting for answers means a lost opportunities. iMapp consistently offers the fastest and most responsive searches and features in the industry!

iMapp is not a one-size-fits-all solution, selected by default or forced on you by an MLS provider. It is the customized choice - tailored to fit the needs of you and your members.  If your members have complaints about your existing service, we'll solve them. If your members need something extra, we will get it for them, and deliver at a low fair price for all agents. 

We are confident that we can win any product comparison shootout.  We hope you take the time to consider the advantages of adding the iMapp service.....Your Members will be glad you did!