The iMapp Commitment to Quality

Over many years, PropertyKey has worked with most of the Property Data Vendors and Services in the industry, both as partners and competitors, as well as with many long time customers of all of those systems. We have seen it all and heard it all, the good and the bad. We've never heard a client ask for less accurate or less timely data, but we have seen our competitors delivering just that, time and again.

Below are just some examples of how other vendors fall short while we deliver the highest quality. These are not just minor details or rare issues...they are evidence of an overall lack of attention to detail. People's livelihoods, reputations, homes, and investments are on the line when this data is relied on. You work too hard to throw away your time, money, and potential deals because your data provider cuts corners!

Other vendors don't spend time double checking recorded deed data:

- Double checking against public records or alternate data sources can eliminate many errors in sales & ownership details and wrong Parcel ids.
- Failing to do this leads to inaccurate data that sticks around forever while also missing a huge number of valid deed and sale recordings.
- PropertyKey is always cross-checking and improving data quality
- Inaccurate sales data means bad CMAs and wrong owner data.
- Relying on bad data makes users look terrible in front of their clients.

Other vendors don't accurately track owner data, especially foreign ones:

- When vendors enter new owner information incorrectly, they rarely go back to correct misspellings or include updates that county agencies have.
- Often their data structures don't allow for any foreign owner addresses.
- Those users end up without timely owner information or owners with addresses that are invalid and impossible to contact or market to.

Other vendors often get easy things wrong, like the county a property is in:

- Presenting obviously wrong data to clients looks very unprofessional.
- This also erroneously keeps those sales out of CMAs & valuation estimates.
- Inaccurate details also makes it hard to link this data with MLS listings, foreclosures, sales and other recordings, so you miss important details.

Other vendors don't track lis pendens or update foreclosure details

- Failure to follow up on court filings leaves a Foreclosure "flag" attached to properties inaccurately and indefinitely...often for many years.
- Other vendors often fail to enter vital fields of data for many records.
- Inaccurate Foreclosure data hurts marketing of properties and makes prospecting for distressed clients less efficient and more expensive.
- PropertyKey double checks foreclosures against every source we can find.
- Attention to detail leads to the most thorough foreclosure records.

Other vendors don't add new parcels, subdivisions & buildings regularly:

- New properties are a huge part of the Real Estate Market.
Those records just don't exist unless the data is updated regularly.
- PropertyKey updates those new properties & significant changes as often as we can, usually quarterly, to ensure our users aren't left behind.
- Other vendors often add them once a year or can't even do that!
- Not having timely data makes agents look uninformed.

Other vendors don't update new assessment values in a timely manner:

- Agents with outdated value data, and the clients they work with, end up less informed about current value trends and property tax changes.
- That inaccurate value data inevitably means second-rate CMAs.
- PropertyKey's timely and accurate valuation data leads to the most accurate CMAs and valuation estimates.

Other vendors resist adding customized maps, data fields & calculations:

- Their simplified cookie-cutter nationwide data template doesn't apply to every market and leaves out what you really want to know.
- The “facts” in their records might not match the reality or level of detail needed by Real Estate professionals.
- PropertyKey researches extra data available in every market they server to ensure we deliver the best data options from every agency & source.
 - Customizations we can add include Detailed Building Area calculations, Mortgage Releases, Tax Delinquencies, Community Development Districts, Waterfront and other Land Features, Natural Hazards (like Fire Hazards, Sink Holes, Land Slide Danger), and other custom map layers